Seven shots in succession, each 1 minute long, will comprise the core of the main video, its first sequence. Six additional sequences will ensue, with the original seven-image series repeated in further, successive, randomly ordered series (hence: the second sequence will comprise 14 shots; the third, 21 shots; the fourth, 28 shots; and so on). With each successive sequence, the shot duration will be reduced incrementally as the number of shots in each sequence increases…

Marseille Morning 1 Marseille Morning 2 Marseille Morning 3 Marseille Morning 4

Marseille Morning 5 Marseille Morning 6 Marseille Morning 7

…the foreshortening of shot duration will be achieved by an effective increase in play-back speed for each shot, and the magnitude of this temporal compression will be sufficient to reduce the total running time of each new sequence by precisely one minute. Hence, the seventh and final sequence will consist of 49 shots (seven series of seven shots, each proceeding in random order), with each shot lasting exactly 1/49th of one minute (1.22 secs). The visual effect will be that of time-lapse photography.

 • • •


Four distinct shots will comprise each of the second and third video channels, respectively. Each of the four shots will last precisely seven minutes, for a total running time of 28 minutes (that is, the exact total running time of the video for Channel 1). Each of the four shots comprise static framings and subtle shifts in light, with slight physical movements of elements of mise-en-scène, such as the rustling of a mesh drapery or the fluttering of a shadow… 

Marseille Inside-out 1 Marseille Inside-out 2

Marseille Inside-out 3 Marseille Inside-out 4

seven marseille morning minutes: from the inside looking out…

• • •

…seven marseille morning minutes: from the outside looking in

Marseille Outside-in 1 Marseille Outside-in 2

Marseille Outside-in 3 Marseille Outside-in 4

Throughout the simultaneous interplay of the three video channels, traces of human presence will effectively “haunt” the Marseille landscape beyond. Meanwhile, layers of ambient, scavenged, archival, and original sounds–some already recorded on-site in Marseille in 2013– will be united in a complex sonic environment, or soundscape, to augment the visual and mnemonic experience of landscape perception generated by the video installation.


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