41 Hologrammata

PHOTO-ARRAY, three grids (five rows, eight columns) of forty archival inkjet prints mounted on sintra, 6 1/2 in. x 5 11/16 in. each (total grid dimensions: 53 3/4 in. x 29 1/2 in.)

Independent investigators at REASArch have begun to identify numerous latent cartographic projections hitherto unknown to the scientific and aesthetic communities. These new processes appear to be circulating within various cloud-based, augmented realities. While susceptible to the same slicing and suturing necessary to all forms of projection, they do exhibit certain novel properties, including the ability to generate serial, if unpredictable, hologrammatic presences. The images below aim to document the provisional results of our initial inquiries in this arena.

8-rue-des-thermophyles_3-tif_2_5 41 HOLOGRAMMATA 1

7-rue-Leon-Jost_2.JPG_2_6 41 HOLOGRAMMATA 2

42-rue-de-la-Py_1.JPG_3_2 41 HOLOGRAMMATA 3

The 41 Hologrammata project has been directed jointly by Vadig de Croehling and Christian Zorka (www.christianzorka.com). This work is also available as a unique artists’ book, the first in a series by REASArch Editions. Your generous purchase will help support our many ongoing endeavors. Obtain your copy now by clicking the button below:

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© Vadig de Croehling and Christian Zorka, all rights reserved.