Portrait: (Auto-)Biography of a Way of Seeing…

MULTI-MEDIA INSTALLATION, three photo-grids (scavenged vintage high school portraits, enlarged, printed on vellum, applied to corrugated cardboard panels, 48 in. x 48 in. each); looping video; evolving word diagram printed on transparency applied to butcher paper, approx. 36in x 110in; antique desk, plaster life mask, inkjet self-portrait with plaster fragments, paper scraps; mixed-media self-portrait assemblage with paper light bulb molds, var. dimensions.

Project realized as Artist-in-Residence at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry under the aegis of “With Everything but the Monkey Head,” a major initiative aimed at developing a studio-generated theory of visual research. Los Angeles, CA, July 2016.

© G.D. Cohen 2016, all rights reserved.