PhoenicianAleph_Tetrahedron-Alt.svgThe group for Research on Experimental Accumulation and Speculative Archives (REASArch) was conceived in 1971 with the aim of exploring the philosophical principles and mimetic possibilities of aesthetic experience as a conduit to higher knowledge. With the recent adoption of our enhanced directorial regime, we have reëmbraced that guiding objective as a matter of gravest urgency in today’s rapidly shifting landscape of post-historical visual culture.

As an independent engine of visual research intent on merging anarchaeological processes with iconological practice, REASArch sustains numerous ongoing projects while continually generating additional avenues of investigation, fabrication, and interpolation. All our endeavors address themselves to the unique dimensions of experimental accumulation, speculative archivization, their conceptual underpinnings, and their methods of execution. Of note among our inaugural ventures is the Valaco Archive, an ongoing project that seeks both to visualize and critique the forms and horizons of memory, history, obliscence, and visual experience.

Inasmuch as new REASArch projects are regularly in development, we encourage visitors to keep abreast of our efforts by signing on as a following patron and checking the site frequently for updates.

Vadig De Croehling

Founding Director
Chair, Dept. of Ideation, Process, and Interface