Grupo Anarquitectura (rama argentina)

ARCHIVAL INSTALLATION, appropriated objects/ephemera, varied media, variable dimensions (project under development)

The Directorate of REASArch has recently initiated preliminary investigations into the Argentine Branch of the Anarchitecture Group. Little is yet known of this austral avatar of the original New York collective of the early 1970s. Some evidence, however, suggests the Grupo Anarquitectura (Rama argentina) was active from 1975 to 1990, mainly in the cities of Córdoba and Villa María, with satellite chapters in Buenos Aires and Epicuén. Given its contemporaneity with the reign of Argentina’s last military dictatorship, there is considerable interest in ascertaining the Group’s position with respect to the regime. While the identities of its members remain anonymous, some of the more notorious projects of the Grupo Anarquitectura are still visible today (among them, the truncated highway ramp in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, pictured above). Many works have likely been lost, while still others surely await discovery. Indeed, the deliberate, surreptitious execution of incomplete structures—designed with no express indication of their prospect for completion or demolition at some later date—appears to have been one hallmark of the Group’s aesthetic and political ethos.

REASArch will soon be documenting its initial findings regarding the Grupo Anarquitectura (Rama argentina), and will continue to do so as additional elements emerge. Visitors to the site are encouraged to check back frequently for updates. As with all our speculative archival projects, we also invite our public to contribute information and actionable intelligence relating to the work and thought of the Grupo Anarquitectura (Rama argentina).

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